Essential Outdoor Gear for Trekking

You can make the most of your trekking adventure only if you are equipped with appropriate and right outdoor gear. Trekking typically involves many adventurous and physically challenging sports activities such as rock climbing, river-crossing, hiking through mountain passes and forests, and walking for a number of days.

One of the most essential outdoor gear items that a trekker must have is a pair of good quality trekking shoes or boots. It is your feet that bear the impact of your trekking activities and so it is very important to wear suitable shoes when you are trekking. Select a pair of trekking shoes that are designed to withstand the weather and terrain you choose for trekking. If you are going to trek in a rocky area that has a lot of uneven terrain, you should wear a pair of trekking shoes that has good ankle support. If you are going to trek on flat terrain, you need trekking shoes with low ankle support. The material of the shoes should suit the weather and foliage of the area you are trekking.

An appropriate and high quality backpack is also an important outdoor gear for trekking. The backpack must have enough space to carry all important trekking items, such as your additional clothes, sleeping bag, food and other provisions, water bottle, emergency medicines, trekking tools, and a stove. Different models of backpacks with many pockets and compartments are available in the market.

Another important trekking outdoor gear that you must have is a hat to cover your head. You should not also forget to buy a good quality waterproof and breathable jacket. This is also an indispensable outdoor gear. Try to choose a jacket that has pockets to put some important stuff. You need to buy winter gloves and headpiece if you are going to do winter trekking. Many trekkers use trekking poles to maintain balance, gain stability, and to provide support to their joints and knees. The trekking poles are also helpful to increase speed, reduce tiredness, and to minimize the stress on back, knees, legs, and feet.

In addition to these trekking outdoor gear items, you may also require certain necessary trekking accessories, such as navigation equipments like compass, map, and guides, flashlight, knives, lighter, matches, and wet wipes. Your trekking clothes must be lightweight, breathable, durable, and weather resistant. Also take a whistle along with you as it can be used as emergency alarm. Make sure that your first aid emergency kit is with you and it contains all necessary first aid medicines. Read more related articles on about shoe glue.


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