Hitch-Hiking in New Zealand

Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand as well as it suggests “the land of the long white cloud”. It is composed of two major islands, the North Island and also the South Island, as well as a number of smaller sized islands.
There have to do with 4.240.000 people in an area of roughly 270.000 square kilometres, which means heaps of open spaces …

Individuals, Kiwis (named after their national bird …) are pretty good persons, typically talking, which is why lots of young travellers make a decision to give it a go and also wander free along the nation requesting lifts.

There is very little crime right here, compared with the remainder of the world, even if things have actually changed in the previous One Decade or so.

If you are a site visitor you will certainly be well treated here. New Zealand is a really separated nation and also in some little towns they are not used to visitors or individuals originating from away. They will certainly take pleasure in having a conversation with you.

Many New Zealanders are world travelers and also most of them are or were hitch-hikers themselves so it does not amaze them to see a person along the road with a knapsack with their thumbs standing out …

If you have an issue, if you are in difficulty, Kiwis would certainly do anything they can to help you out. They are friendly as well as all set to offer you a hand when necessary.

All this makes Aotearoa the best location for hitching …

I have been around this amazing land and also I have to confess that I never ever, ever, had a trouble with individuals that selected me up. I have actually never been burglarized and also I have actually always been treated with kindness and regard, by every person, both Pakehas (white individuals) and also Maoris.

I also hitched in very separated locations and a few times I got stuck for a couple of hours … late at night … In Blenheim I was gotten by a team of individuals in a van who simply completed a kayaking journey. One of the ladies brought me residence … she was worried concerning my safety and security. I stayed at her place with her family for a few days. They possessed a winery and she revealed me around.

One of the best lifts I ever had was when I was hitching on the method to Invercargill. A man stopped. He told me that he had a boat which he was going to Stewart Island the very same day.

Stewart Island exists 30 kilometres southern of the South Island as well as got on my itinerary. I got hold of the incredible possibility at the rate of light as well as I asked the lad if I can choose him to his location. At the harbour we got on his boat and we removed. The sea in the Foveaux Straight was dead calmness for a modification … It can be extremely harsh and also unsafe … During the crossing, which lasted a couple of hrs I think, we saw loads of penguins swimming and also jumping in the water around us. It was amazing! Exactly what an opportunity!

I had an additional great experience in Stewart Island, someday I was walking along a coastline and also I was starting to really feel a little shed … After some time a male on a watercraft turned up and asked me if I was ALRIGHT and if I needed a lift. The male was a ranger and also his job that day was to count the seals … Wow … That was another fortunate strike!

Another time, someplace in the South Island, I showed up in a little negotiation, I do not remember the name … I mosted likely to a store and also I asked the owner where I can find a backpackers’ location. It was cold and also gusty and it began to rainfall. He informed me that there was nothing available …

I was really worried … OK, I had a very good sleeping bag, a water-proof one, but still … He just told me not to worry. He called a family, they had a sheep farm, and also after a while the farmer, with one of his youngsters, came and also picked me up. They took me to their ranch stay where I was treated like a queen. The all household existed and I was served a superb roast! I had my very own area with a warm bed offered with an electric covering. It rained all night … I felt actually, really lucky! I invested a couple of days with them. The upper class!

One other time I mosted likely to go to a friend of a friend that I never ever fulfilled (a kiwi girl). Back then I was taking a trip with a camping tent as well. When I reached my destination the person I was searching for was not there. Her neighbours informed me that she was going to come back the day after which they were vanishing somewhere themselves. They claimed to me: “If you desire you could camp in our yard, we leave the door open for you to ensure that you can have a shower and also a cup of coffee when you desire”. Hearing that I was truly surprised … I never ever satisfied them prior to … and I answered: “Thanks quite but you are not terrified that I clear your house while you are away?”

Their answer was: “No! We trust you!”

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