We all dream of a happy and fulfilling life. Ever heard of Hygge, Lagom and Ikigai lifestyle? Every word contains a philosophy of life, a lifestyle that makes us feel good and makes us happy. Read the article and find out what your lifestyle is!

How to have a happy life? Choose your style!

Hygge a moment for you

The Hygge style is perhaps the most famous, was the boom of smoking herbal teas and candles to furnish with Danish style your home and your lifestyle. A Hygge lifestyle, however, is not just cute instagram photos. To really understand a lifestyle you need to be totally immersed in the culture of the country where it was born.

Let’s start by saying that Denmark is a northern country where the link with wood and pastel colors are distinctive features of everyday life and not a habit. If you think about it, Denmark is the place that gave birth to Lego, the Scandinavian style for the home.

If we talk about Denmark, we immediately think of white environments with a prevalence of wood, geometric shapes and unfilled spaces. Why? You’ve never asked yourself that question. The answer is quite simple. In the northern countries the sun is a precious resource because it is present only a few months a year.

The house must therefore be warm, welcoming and as bright as possible. In the north there is no waste of heating as in the Mediterranean basin, the houses are small and built very close this because it is difficult to build in a country where for many months there is darkness and snow and the temperatures are very cold.

Darkness and cold lead to loneliness and a sense of anxiety and depression. It is not by chance that the countries of the North have a very high suicide rate. So why does everyone talk about the Hygge style for a happy life?

The search for happiness and peaceful moments to spend at home is something normal and daily for a country characterized by long winters.

The Hygge lifestyle stems from the need not to be overwhelmed by darkness, loneliness and everyday problems. To really understand what a Danish way of life is, it is necessary to identify oneself with the conditions in which one lives in the northern countries. Of course there are some points that we can bring to us, a country full of sunshine and contradictions. For the rest of us, the Hygge style can be summed up in the word: disconnect. Eliminate the worries, via the last quarrel in the office, do not look at the phones, nothing at the whatsapp and focus on yourself.

To find the right concentration, you need an environment that does us good and relaxes us. From here, the concept of herbal teas, candles and hot blankets has been brought to exasperation; but focusing on oneself does not necessarily mean owning these objects. Candles and herbal teas are necessarily linked to a northern nation but if we live in Sicily or Morocco we can safely marry this philosophy of life sitting under a cedar tree while we smell orange peel.

You know that I don’t like fashions, and Hygge fashion has gotten us fed up, not the true and authentic concept behind it.

The word Hygge should be associated with the word Lykke, which means satisfaction. If you are satisfied with something you are happy, simple and banal; but aimè. Few of us are satisfied. When you leave work you are anything but satisfied, you will be tired and grumpy.

Concentrate on yourself and look for small satisfactions that are good for you: cycling, walking, drinking a glass of wine. This is the true Danish philosophy. Put yourself at the centre and be good for your soul to be good with others. Give yourself 2 hours, every day, to feel good about yourself.

Lagom: Swedish lifestyle for a happy life

A lifestyle very similar to the Danish one, comes from Scandinavia and is called: Lagom. As you can imagine, it’s not very different from the Danish one. Get closer to the north, in the dark and cold Scandinavia, where nature dominates and everything seems so difficult and far away.

The word Lagom literally means: the right amount.

The right quantity, the enough cakes… or balance. The word equilibro, frightens and is difficult to achieve. What does Lagom mean? Not much, not too much. Trying to live in the right measure all things, with simplicity and authenticity. Or rather?

The Scandinavian way of life starts from reducing purchases, food, excesses in general. It simplifies. Give new life to objects you haven’t used in a long time, sell and give away what you don’t need. Simplify your life by “eliminating” people and places that do you no good and live off simple things: a hug, a laugh, a dinner with friends.

The Hygge style is a precise moment of your day for yourself; the Scandinavian style is a slow, moderate and simplified style to live with constancy.

Ikigai the secret of the Japanese to live happily

You don’t get the idea that the Japanese way style is the one that I feel most is mine. The Ikigai style, little known, starts with a simple question: why do I get up every morning?

Trying to answer this question causes us a devastating inner malaise; many of us will respond with anger and feel overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness and inadequacy.

As you all know, I have radically changed my life and I have done it for myself, to feel good for this I am very passionate about the Ikigai lifestyle.

The Japanese style wants you to find your Ikigai, your passion, and that you can live the right balance between what you like to do and what you are able to do.

You may be wondering why I chose to associate the photo of this beautiful girl with the Ikigai, well a dancer represents the highest expression of the Ikigai: she lives from her greatest passion. And I want to live on passions and help others to do the same. Have I intrigued you at least a little? Surely you’ll be deepening your knowledge of the subject in the coming weeks.